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מאמר אודות ורד עצמון 'המסע לאוורסט' בניוזלטר של חברת Avnet http://www.bizpower.co.il/sale.asp?2ntrVQ=KELK  

מאמר מעתון 'לאשה' 14.3.08, מאת אורית מרלין-רוזנצוויג


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כתבה אודות ורד עצמון  מ'לאשה'     



לקוחות כתבו עלינו...


“During the special ‘Be Creative’ training, we gained unique tools experientially during the workshop, that allowed us to raise our productivity by 80%...the creative techniques you used during the workshop, stimulated us, and made us experience the “wow” effect in our company and our personal lives which we will never forget”.Mirs

   Your systematic, creative and attentive methods enabled us to improve the doctors and associates presentation and communication skills. We would like to thank you for your supportive, professional manner while meeting all of our needs.    Johnson & Johnson

“The workshop “Earth, Wind, Water and Fire” which was presented to us gave us added values, both professionally and personally. The activities made us think differently and originally in a way which will always make us aim for higher goals than our competitors… by implementing the methods acquired during your training, we have increased our income six fold.” Pelecard

   “Not everyone has the giving ability like yours an intellectual and emotional storage was there for anyone who comes in contact with you…you have enriched me with added tools and a lot of stimulation and thinking materials to my way for my work for the future”A principal of a top Israeli high school


   “An excellent workshop. It was presented via experiential learning with an optimal balance between theory and practical coaching. Vered was very energetic, empathic, attentive, sensitive, exciting and arose passionate to this field of interest and workshops in general” Haifa University

A special, enjoyable, interesting and enriching day that I’ve never experienced before”. Technion

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